Latest Dance News – December 2020

2020 Aotearoa New Zealand Ballroom Dancing Championships

On the weekend of Saturday 21st of November I had the privilege to both judge and compete as a professional in Auckland at the 2020 Aotearoa Championships. My partner Mike Bernie lives in Dunedin, while I live here in Tauranga, so getting enough training in for our principal event “Classical Sequence” was complicated. However we managed to work it out.

So yes we won our event and now hold the NZ Professional Title in Classical Sequence.

If you have never seen Classical Sequence I have loaded two videos. Firstly the Britannia Saunter, which is like a foxtrot

Then the Fylde waltz, where you can see the ballet influence in the use of 5ths and 3rds.

If you are looking for lessons in all the ballroom styles, not just Classical Sequence, I can help.


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