Wedding Dance/First Dance Videos

Not every couple wishes to share their wedding dance publicly, so I’m always delighted when some say yes.  So please enjoy these videos and remember that YOUR wedding dance will also be unique.

Kirsty and Nick

Kirsty and Nick had never danced before they came to learn their wedding dance. They wanted something simple and elegant that would both suit their music and who they were as people.

“We are back in New Zealand after a fantastic trip back home to SA. The wedding was amazing and we surprised everyone with our dance. They all absolutely loved it and were so impressed! 🙂 Someone managed to get it on video, unfortunately it was just with a cell phone and a bit further away but at least you can see we pulled it off. Thank you for your patience and crafting a dance that suited us, you really made learning easy and fun. Definitely a memorable experience and I’m so glad we did it.”

They had 4 @ 45 minute lessons and practiced between lessons.


Kelly and Aaron

Kelly and Aaron had no dance experience prior to coming to Dance Company.  They wanted an exciting non traditional wedding dance.

Aaron said “… the wedding went to perfection and so did the dance. Oh apart from one mishap but all and all in went bloody well and the whole family were blown away and still asking us questions about our dance. ….. I nailed the Elvis Big Time…So much that we heard the whole Audience scream and shout. Once again thank you for wonderful expertise we couldn’t have done it without you.”

They had 5 hours of lessons over a 4 week period to fit in around work expectations and found some time to practise between lessons.

Kirsty and James

Kirsty and James had no experience (“Zero” said Kirsty) in partner dancing when they started.  They had weekly lessons for 6 weeks and found some time to practise between lessons.  As James said they “rocked it on the night”.


Alana and Lupeni

Alana and Lupeni had no dance experience. They wanted a WOW dance that would amaze their friends and family. Alana met with me to discuss what they wanted and they booked 11 lessons. They practised quite hard between lessons and learnt some very complex moves.


Jess and Sol

Jess had danced for quite a few years when she was younger. Sol had no experience at all, like quite a few men who come to learn a wedding dance.
Jess says “Elly was amazing to work with. She put my rather reluctant husband at ease from our very first lesson and made the whole process easy and most importantly fun. I would highly recommend Elly for any couple wanting to impress the guests at their wedding.”
Because their song was a jive rhythm they needed to learn some appropriate steps which did take quite a lot of practise between their 6 lessons.


Donna and Anton

Both Anton and Donna had danced before they met each other. Anton had been a professional tap dancer and Donna had learnt salsa. They met with me to discuss what they wanted for their first dance. Donna had decided that she would change from her wedding gown to something shorter and softer which made the choreography they wanted possible.
They said “Thank you so much for choreographing a wonderful piece so we can look back and proudly say “we did it!”. Thank you for having the patience to teach us step by step and encouraging us every lesson. (Donna) found that learning the routine was a mental and emotional challenge; we have great ideals that dancing is easy only to find that we’re only beginners and bound to make mistakes. I’m glad we allowed ourselves time to polish our lifts and a few extra lessons at the end to squeeze in a ‘stress rehearsal’ before the big day. Thank you for having such an important role in our day, (We) are so grateful and we’ll never forget you.”
They booked 18 lessons and had some 2 lesson sessions to learn the lifts.


R and W

R had learnt to dance when she was younger. W had no experience. Their venue had them dancing on carpet which takes some practise.
She said “The dress gave us a fright a couple of times with the pure weight and the momentum of it got me off balance initially but I think we did ok. We really enjoyed it, had heaps of fun, and it was magic doing it in front of everyone, and they all loved it too. Thanks so much for all your help.”
They had 6 lessons.


Maria and Andrew

Maria and Andrew had been to social dance classes together. Their choreography incorporated the moves that they already knew and liked. They had 4 lessons.