Latest Dance News – December 2017

Finally December and some sunny weather

Its been a great year for Dance Company. I have worked with a large number of couples from across the Bay of Plenty with their wedding dances. I’ve taught a handful of Fathers of the Bride enough partner dancing to look wonderful dancing with their daughters.

“Thanks again for last night, Ben and I said in the car last night that the lessons has been by far our most favourite part of organising the wedding.” Ben & Nat

I have taught ballroom, new vogue, 1930’s styled partner dancing and Modern Jive to couples and singles who want a little extra styling in their dance.

I have also judged dancing competitions across New Zealand.

Finally, I trained two local formation teams, and taken them to competitions in Wanganui and Auckland.












Thank you to all the people I have taught this year. Its been so much fun.

Dance Company is now fully booked until early January. I will be back teaching on Tuesday the 8th.


Elly (027 215 1430) or

Latest Dance News 27 October 2017

Looking for just a little help for your first dance?

Not every couple wants a fully choreographed wedding routine. You might just want a few moves and variations that you can use both at your big day or at any other social occasion when dancing might happen. Just like Alice and Jamie.

Alice and Jamie







In Jamie’s case dancing in public, even in front of friends and family, was something he really wasn’t looking forward to. So he came to a few lessons by himself, not to learn a routine or steps, but to gain enough confidence so he could take Alice out on the floor.

They said “it went well and as you know it was pretty short before (our) parents stepped in. Thank you so much for your time and confidence building!”

So if all you need is a little confidence; some help to get out onto the floor please call or email. I teach in small private studios and I’m sure I can help. I am available for Sunday lessons in November. There are only a limited number of times available starting late in the day. I can either teach you some moves that work with the song you have chosen – or moves that will work well with any modern music.


Elly (027 215 1430) or