Latest Dance News – December 2017

Finally December and some sunny weather

Its been a great year for Dance Company. I have worked with a large number of couples from across the Bay of Plenty with their wedding dances. I’ve taught a handful of Fathers of the Bride enough partner dancing to look wonderful dancing with their daughters.

“Thanks again for last night, Ben and I said in the car last night that the lessons has been by far our most favourite part of organising the wedding.” Ben & Nat

I have taught ballroom, new vogue, 1930’s styled partner dancing and Modern Jive to couples and singles who want a little extra styling in their dance.

I have also judged dancing competitions across New Zealand.

Finally, I trained two local formation teams, and taken them to competitions in Wanganui and Auckland.












Thank you to all the people I have taught this year. Its been so much fun.

Dance Company is now fully booked until early January. I will be back teaching on Tuesday the 8th.


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