Lastest Dance News 24 February 2017

I do enjoy being sent videos and photos from the couples I work with. Every couple is special and every wedding is special.

Sadly copyright laws mean that I can’t share Kelly and Simon’s wedding dance to You’re The Inspiration by Chicago. It just doesn’t look the same with the music muted.

Instead have some cell phone photos.





















They also sent the following testimonial:

For a couple who had never done any sort of formal dancing, Elly made us feel very relaxed and at ease within all of our sessions. We were always excited to come to our lessons to learn the next part of our routine. Elly has a wonderful way of breaking it down and explaining how to do each move, also demonstrating each move – both female and male version. We had so much fun with her learning and practising our routine.
Another thing we didn’t realise prior to our lesson, is that Elly gave us our own “showcase” dance routine.

We turned up thinking we were going to learn a bit of something or how to dance nicely together, and came out with lifts and dips and all sorts of amazing moves that we felt so confident doing as she had taught us so well.

We highly recommend Elly to anyone looking for a dance instructor – Elly is very talented!

Thank you so much Elly!

Kel and Si Cunliffe

If you are also looking for something either a little traditional or a little different for your first dance, limited numbers of private lessons for couples are now available.


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