Latest Dance News 5 April 2016

Jo and Ian

In February Jo and Ian performed their wedding dance. They danced to “Can’t take my eyes off you” by Andy Williams.



They started their 6 lesson block in December to allow for Christmas and the holiday period, and wedding organisational busy-ness. This also meant when Jo need some time out to get over a gym injury there was time available. I recommend having your choreography done two weeks before your wedding date (if you can) to allow for the unforeseen to happen.

For all wedding dances the gown will play a large part in determining what moves work best. Not all moves suit every song, every wedding dress or even the floor you will be dancing on. I always ask if you have any moves/variations that you do want to do and if necessary modify them so they can be used.

Not all wedding dances take 6 weeks. Some couples want to feel confident dancing a few moves in public and others want something a little more complex. If you are looking for a First Dance/Wedding dance lets talk about what you want your first dance to be.


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