Latest Dance News 22 June 2015


Looking for advice for your wedding dance?

While every couple will have some specific questions below are two of the more common ones:

How much time do we need to put in?

This depends on what exactly you want your first dance to be. If you want something that’s fairly formal, or with complicated moves or a very slick performance you will need to put aside about 2-3 months of weekly lessons. If you want something a little more casual you could set aside 4-6 weeks. If you just want a few simple moves you could have just one lesson.

You do need to be able to practice between lessons too. Not hours and hours, but enough so each lesson can build on what you both already know.

When should we start?

Its a good ideas to have your choreography done at least 2 weeks before the big day if you can – then you have less to stress about. You can also learn your choreographed wedding dance well in advance and come back for a final run through in the week before their wedding – and that works well for some couples.

Do consider booking your wedding dance lessons in advance – that means one less thing to worry about closer to the actual day.


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